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Our Team

We are a music content company, providing audio and video imaging services to retail establishments. We see to it that the music heard in your establishment, fits your brand. Formed in 2007, Musicfitters Retail Imaging Solutions operates out of beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

T Shirt Rack

Consistency is our watchword. From songs playing at the same volume level, to having the perfect mix of familiar and fresh.

Music Stream

Professionally curated licensed music via commercial-free channel streams, available at your fingertips.

No hardware required, just click-and-play. Available worldwide and easily accessible via PC, MAC, and on all mobile devices.   


Music for wedding receptions, conventions, expos, assemblies, and fashion shows. 

We'll help you choose the type of music that will suit your audience, resonate with your location, and match the mood you want to evoke at different stages of the event!

Video Board

Combine images, videos and music!

Protect your staff from getting the virus by limiting face to face transactions, with our Touch Screen LCD Floor Advertising Player.


It connects to your store website, allows in-store transactions, swipe or tap ready, easy cleaning of screen for staff and customer protection, plays your background music and audio/video ads.

Music App

Download the Musicfitters app on Google Play or App Store. We provide the code and you're set!


Spotty wifi? No problem. Avail of our offline music app! Download the songs and play.

On-Hold Music

Professional sounding recorded music to fill the silence heard by customers and clients who have been placed on hold. We'll look after the performance rights (US & Canada only.)

Wall Amplifier

An 8-channel small bluetooth multi-home audio system equipped with micro USB/TF, can power 8 to 16 pieces of speakers in a small commercial area. It uses a high- efficiency class-D amplifier for a maximum output of 8*20 watts, low-impedance speakers.


The cool display shows relevant track music info. Plus, you can control everything –seek, change tracks, and adjust the volume – using the included wireless infrared remote.

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